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Hello everyone.

Some people seem to be questioning What The Fur, and where the fees we collect from registrations go. There also seems to be several misconceptions about how a convention is run. I am going to clear a few things up, and let people see exactly what goes into the convention, and why the amounts quoted and the claims made on several posts are invalid and incorrect.

First, let me point out that not every cost is going to be listed. We’re still tallying the receipts from this year’s event. Even buying Duct Tape gets accounted for. But these are general numbers that I currently have access to:

Hotel costs: $17815.84
(This is by far the largest category of expense. And every year it gets more expensive.)

Audio-visual rentals: $1609.65
Food (Chocolate Social): $475.00
(there are some pennies involved, but that’s not important)

Camera and photography: $244.89
Guest of Honour (hotel room): $614.08
Advertising: ~$2000.00
(Web, banner, business cards, flyers, posters, dealer tables at other conventions)

T-shirts: $1295.65
Conbooks: $912.21
Registration (Badges, computers, paper, ink): $1659.78
Other equipment purchases: $103.00

Total expenses: $26730.10
(Still getting the accurate total, but just what I wrote up above)

Now, total income from registrations: $21589.18

For a total loss of: $5140.92

Why so little from registrations? Keep in mind that I am giving approximate values, as Paypal and Credit Card transactions have fees we have to pay on each one. Also, we have 4 different registration periods, with discounts of up to $15 depending on when someone registers.
-Dealer helpers do not pay for their entry (that’s 18 people)
-Regular @ ~$40 to ~$55: 167
-Sponsor @ ~$70 to ~$85: 51
-Patron @ ~$140 to ~$150: 16
-Dealers @ ~$70 to ~$120: 40
-Day passes, Dance passes @ ~$12 to ~$32: 61

And this does not include the over $2100 for charity.

So, as opposed to the statement that we’re walking away with tens of thousands of dollars in our pockets, I am personally paying thousands to give you all a good weekend.

I hope this helps explain things.
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