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The information you're about to hear is top secret.
Unauthorized publication or leaking of this information would be an act of high treason, for which you would tried and convicted by a secret military tribunal and summarily executed.
So no, Ms Poovey, I don't think a selfie would be appropriate.

What The Fur presents: Agent 00Fur
May 20-22 2016

Fall Intelligence Report
1 - Agent 001 - The Guest of Honour
2 - Mission - Registration
3 - Notice for Special Agents code-named Dealers
4 - Target - Hotel
5 - Survey
6 - Recruiting Volunteer-Level Agents
7 - Contests For the Charity

1 – Intelligence on Agent 001
For those of you that missed receiving some of the previous intelligence reports, We have identified Agent 001 – a.k.a The Guest of Honour. The information has become declassified. Agent 001, is now known to be ShinigamiGirl. 001 originates from Russia, but currently resides in the Canadian city of Montreal. An accomplished artist, she has provided us with a written statement of identity available at http://whatthefur.ca/information/goh.php

2 – Mission – Registration
In order to become a member of the Organization, we are welcoming all prospective agents to register for What The Fur. Currently, the cost of registering starts at $45 CDN, the Sponsoring agents would only need to pay $75, and for those of you looking to support the Organization above and beyond the Regular and Sponsor levels need only provide $160. These rates will be kept only until January 1st, at which point they will go up.
What are the benefits of registering early (aside from the cost, of course)? You get a pre-printed registration package, that will speed up your access to the restricted areas of the convention. You will help us prepare for the event just by letting us know that you’re going!
In regards to registration payments, we would like to point out that if you register now, you do not need to pay immediately. In fact, you can wait right up until the convention itself to pay, however if you pay by the deadlines you will keep the lower rate! When each registration period ends, the price will rise accordingly, but your registration will be guaranteed.

3 – Notice for Special Agents code-named Dealers
As of this week, the room is currently infiltrated nearly to capacity. There are roughly 6 full tables still open, waiting for other agents to take position and sell their merchandise. If you are interested in registering, please do so while the price is at its lowest! Full tables are 110$, and half-tables are 70$. The price will increase on January 1st, 2016.
If you have registered but have not yet paid, please be advised that you are only guaranteed the current invoice price until December 31st. If your invoice is not paid, you will be subject to the price increase as well and will be re-invoiced at the increased price. Payment also guarantees your spot in the room. If we find ourselves at full capacity and start a waiting list, people who have not paid will be given a last opportunity to complete their purchase, or else will be shifted to the end of the waiting list, leaving their spot open to the first people on said waiting list.
If you have any questions, concerns, or other sensitive intel, please report to dealers@whatthefur.ca for debriefing.

4 – Target – Hotel
Once again, the Holiday Inn Pointe-Claire is welcoming us with open arms. The hotel loved us so much in fact, that they’re keeping rates at what they were in 2015. That means rooms are available starting at $129, with no additional cost up to 4 people in the room.
Keep in mind all that the hotel has to offer us: free parking, fridges and microwaves in every room, and walking distance to all sorts of shopping and food.
All the intelligence we’ve gathered is available at http://whatthefur.ca/hotel/hotel.php

5 - Survey
Every year, What The Fur strives to make things better for everyone. We listen to what you have to say, and make changes to make things more fun, more involved, and just better in general.
To that end, we would like to hear from you all. For the last two years What The Fur has held a Fursuit Dance Competition. But some people want to return to having a general Talent Masquerade, which could include things such as dances, skits, musical performances and other things.
So, which would you prefer? Just dancing? Or a combination of dancing, skits and performance? Let us know by going to http://whatthefur.ca/events/eventquestionaire.php

6 - Recruiting Volunteer-Level Agents
What The Fur is looking for any and all agents interested in lending a paw to promote to Volunteer-Level status and clearance level. For this mission, should you accept it, you will be tasked with various jobs and things to do to make sure the organization is running at maximum performance during the event. Rewards and Perks are listed on the website, give them a look. More will be added this year, but we're keeping this classified for now. If you accept this mission, then please fill out the Volunteer form at http://whatthefur.ca/registration/volunteers.php and the agent in charge of volunteers will get back to you shortly. Do note that we need every paw we can get, it is because of YOUR efforts and YOUR continued support that we are able to do what we do.

7 - Contests For the Charity
If you weren’t already aware, 2016 is the year where we want everyone to participate.
The first contest is for all writers and wordsmiths. Although stories will always be accepted in the convention book, these will have the potential to win a prize, while being published in another booklet that will be available only at the convention, and copies sent to winning authors.
The rules
- The limit for the submission is 1500 words, and the theme is the same as the convention’s.
- There will be two ''categories'', based on language; one for French, one for English; the standards are the same for both.
- You can only submit once in each category.
- There will be two winners in each category.
- The contest will end at 25 April 2016. To participate, send your submission to communications@whatthefur.ca
The second contest will be for our charity. In order to help raise money for the Ecomuseum, we would like to engage artists to help us out. Following on our theme, we would like to create a calendar. We are looking for artwork mimicking cinema posters for spy movies, television shows and books.
We have twelve to 18 spots open, and all proceeds from the sales of the calendars will go directly to the funds raised for the Ecomuseum.
The artwork used in the final product will be chosen by our staff, and the artists whose work is selected will receive a small gift and a large thank you from the convention.
Artwork should be 8.5” x 11”, preferably in landscape format, and of high resolution.
Questions and submissions can be sent to information@whatthefur.ca.
The deadline for submissions is February 29th 2016.


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